American Dream Discount Tickets - 2023 Ultimate Guide (2023)

From shopping to dining to theme parks, there are boredom busters galore at this all-in-one indoor entertainment complex! If you want to get in on the action, though, special attractions require a ticket.

That’s where we come in! We’ve rounded up all the American Dream mall deals, discount tickets, and coupons so you can get the biggest bang for your buck. Ready to live the American Dream?

Where can you find a multitude of luxury stores, a foodie’s paradise, and the steepest rollercoaster in the world under one roof? American Dream Mall Attractions in East Rutherford, New Jersey, contains all of these and more inside. The bustling megamall amusement park combo takes up 3 million square feet -- and every inch is packed with plenty to do.

Getting into the mall is free, which means you can experience the sights, sounds, and smells sans moolah. Window shopping, anyone?

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American Dream Discount Tickets

Save big when you purchase your tickets from Tripster! We’re a one-stop-shop for all your attraction planning needs. No need to scour the internet for coupon codes. We have all of the American Dream mall coupons, discount tickets, and deals for you in one spot!

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As soon as you purchase your tickets, you’ll receive them in your email inbox.

Then, print them out or simply show the tickets on your mobile device when you arrive at your attraction of choice! It’s as simple as that.

Pro Tip: Make sure you have a valid ID and the credit card you used to purchase your tickets when you arrive at the attraction, as you may be requested to show these. Better safe than sorry!

Keep in mind that tickets are not transferable between attractions. When you buy from American Dream, tickets are non-refundable and you’ll be charged a fee if you need to change dates.

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When you buy from Tripster, however, no sweat!

You can get a full refund, up to a certain date. Add the tickets on your chosen date to the cart to see how long you have to shift your plans around with ease!

Attractions are free for children age 2 and under, with the exception of The Rink, which requires skaters to be at least 3 years old.

Pro Tip: Bringing a large group? Make a request on the American Dream Mall Attractions website to find out about group rates.

Here is everything you need to know to save on all the attractions!

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Nickelodeon Universe

Remember that rollercoaster we were talking about -- the steepest in the world? Nickelodeon Universe is where you’ll find it.

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Classic theme park rides featuring all your favorite cartoon characters serve up countless thrills.

When entering the park, you’ll get a wristband that allows you to come and go as you please. Trip to the food court, anyone?

Pro Tip: Purchase a QuickPass to skip the lines! When you’re at a destination as exhilarating as this one, there’s no time to waste.

When you buy from American Dream, day admission ranges from $49 to $69 depending on whether it’s a peak or non-peak day.

In addition, the mall's famous venues include TiLT,an interactive exhibit by Tracy Lee Stum. This is an art experience with multiple optical illusions like nothing you have seen before.

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Are you a night owl? Purchase twilight tickets for the last two hours of operation for additional savings.

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DreamWorks Water Park

Calling all waterbugs! This year-round splash paradise is the perfect destination for you. Starring beloved animated characters and the world’s largest indoor wave pool, DreamWorks Water Park is a water lover’s dream come true.

Pro Tip: To upgrade your experience, rent a Skybox Suite or Poolside Cabana! You’ll have a great spot to take a break once you get waterlogged. Additionally, purchase a Turbo Pass to skip the lines.

Searching for DreamWorks Water Park coupons? Check out our guide to uncover some serious savings!

Day admission costs anywhere from $59 to $79 when you purchase from American Dream, but you can purchase weekday tickets for a flat rate of $59 from Tripster, year-round!

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Twilight tickets are available for the last three hours of operation and range from $45 to $49, depending on if it’s a peak day or not.

LEGOLAND® Discovery Center

This kids’ paradise is all play, no work. Enjoy interactive experiences like a train ride, a re-creation of famous landmarks, and, of course, opportunities to play with everyone’s favorite building block!

When you book with Tripster, you can get your tickets at a great discount. With a deal like this, it’s truly all fun and games!

There are numerous Legolands in the Mid-Atlantic region. If you happen upon the Big Apple make sure you check out our Insider's Guide to Legoland New York Resort, and Ultimate Guide to Legoland New York Resort: Coupons, Discounts and Deals.

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The Rink

Cold weather fans will be right at home on the ice of this NHL regulation-size ice rink! Grab some skates and glide through this winter wonderland.

Tripster offers discount tickets year-round, while American Dream’s tickets range from $31 to $35 depending on the day.

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Keep in mind this attraction is only for visitors age 3 and up, and carrying children on the ice is not allowed.

American Dream Discount Tickets - 2023 Ultimate Guide (5)Other Attractions

There’s still more to do! Grab tickets from Tripster for one of these other attractions with no worries if you need to cancel, up to a certain date:

  • Angry Birds Mini Golf
  • TiLT Museum
  • Mirror Maze
  • Blacklight Mini Golf

Aquatic lovers will have to make some tough calls between the two extraordinary ocean-themed exhibits, SEA LIFE New Jersey at American Dream, and SeaQuest Woodbridge. Remember if you don't get to both, that's a darn good reason to come back.

Chances are your mad-cap mall excursion will leave you famished. Good thing Tripster has discount tickets to a bonanza four-course-feast fit for a king. The nation's #1 longest-running dinner attraction, Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament will leave you in awe.

Bundles & Packages

Double up to spare some change! We know you’ve got your eye on some of the shops at The Avenue, so you’ll need to spare all the cash you can.

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Get the most for your money when you bundle tickets together.

Blacklight Mini Golf is an electrifying twist on the fan-favorite game, but the fun doesn’t have to stop there! Bundle mini golf tickets with Mirror Maze tickets to keep the good times rolling at a discount.

American Dream Discount Tickets - 2023 Ultimate Guide (6)Included With Your Ticket

American Dream is not your run-of-the-mill shopping mall. This experience-loaded destination is brimming with all the entertainment you can possibly cram into 3 million square feet.

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Since the excitement happens indoors, the weather can’t stop your fun-filled day, either!

Shop til you drop, grab a bite, or catch an adrenaline rush while you’re there. Each attraction offers its own appeal and packs in plenty of amusement!

Transportation and Parking

If you choose to drive yourself to American Dream, parking is totally free for the first hour! After that, it’s only $3 an hour.

If you’d prefer to spare yourself the hassle of finding a spot (and then remembering where it was), we don’t blame you. The NY Waterway is a great way to skip the parking lot mania.

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It only takes $7 to get a ride on its convenient shuttle, which travels straight to American Dream Mall Attractions.

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photo credit: TiLT Museum via Facebook

More Ways to Save

If you have a military ID, we salute you, and so does American Dream! Attractions, like the theme parks, offer a 15% discount for up to four tickets per military ID. Senior citizens get a discount, too!

Check the American Dream Mall Attractions website for any additional special promotions that may come up!

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Whether you’re a saver or a spender, Tripster offers lots of ways to get deals and coupons when you journey to American Dream Mall Attractions in the Garden State!

Put that extra cash toward your favorite brands, like Gucci or Tiffany & Co. Or, spend it on delicious junk food goodness at the food court!

Get More Details On American Mall Attractions

Ready for a behind-the-scenes look at American Mall Attractions? Be sure to check out our Insider’s Guide to American Dream Mall Attractions. It's your handy guide to help you navigate the barrel of fun contained within the mall corridors.

However you choose to delegate the leftover dough, one thing is sure: you’re bound to have an unforgettable good time when you visit this exciting megamall!

American Dream Mall Attractions is an experience of your wildest dreams.

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